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The Results

The Results

Sagar Wright’s results impress as we are able to target talent from across the whole of market, rather than talent actively ‘on the market’. Our approach to each target candidate is professional, consultative and informative, allowing our clients’ opportunities to be properly represented to their target markets.

We are experts at assisting our clients to establish what clear advantages their opportunities offer against their desired candidate’s current employer, which can often make the difference between a candidate accepting or rejecting their offer. This is particularly crucial for our clients’ successful senior appointments.

Our client testimonials are based upon our results, and these prove that we provide a no hassle outsourced provider service, superior to that of their recruitment companies. Their testimonials highlight our differences as follows:-

- The detail, accuracy and relevance of our CVs.

- The extent at which we brief our shortlisted candidates about our clients’ roles, therefore our clients do not waste their valuable time having to unnecessarily provide much of this information at the interview.

- The accuracy of our shortlisted candidates’ technical competencies and experience against our clients’ job specifications, thereby guaranteeing our clients are able to maximise their time assessing the candidates against the person specification at the interview.

- Our market knowledge, technical understanding and experience which can often result in us presenting solutions to our clients which they may have not considered.

- Our ability to produce a shortlist of 3 candidates within often challenging timescales.

- Our ability to advise a client on the desirability and viability of the important roles our clients wish us to take to market. We can also discreetly and anonymously market-test their roles within their target market, allowing our clients to make final adjustments before we take their roles to market.

- Our wealth of experience working successfully alongside HR teams and RPOs, enabling Sagar Wright to seamlessly integrate with their systems & protocols.

The Statistics


Track Record of Success for every Client engaging our Retained Professional Headhunter Service


Track Record of Success for every new Client engaging our Non-Retained Talent Acquisition Service


New Clients returned Testimonials rating Sagar Wright as Excellent / Better Than Recruitment Companies, over the last 2 Quarters


New Clients’ HR Professionals returned Testimonials rating Sagar Wright as Easier to do Business With Than Recruitment Companies, over the last 2 Quarters


Annualised Growth of Sagar Wright over the last 5 Years